First Egyptian Italian Businesswomen Delegation

First Egyptian Italian Businesswomen Delegation

The success of the first EIWF established a platform for future bilateral meetings.

We need to revive the establishment of a businesswomen chapter is the Egyptian Italian Business Association or establish a businesswomen NGO in Milano to be our center point in the future bilateral meetings, you decide on which venue to pursue.

Simultaneous Translation is a must to overcome any language barrier.

Alternating venues between one time in Italy and one time in Cairo can be discussed compared to our multilateral meetings in February every year.

Ø  In addition :

Position of women in a society reflects the country’s image.

Change of perceptions regarding instability & safety in the region was accomplished.

Great potential & opportunities for mutual benefits for Egyptians & Italian.

Mutual potential and opportunities exist for both Italian and Egyptian Companies in the fields: (Food, agric., energy, healthcare, leather, technology, water, environment, herbs, herbal medicine – Shared value (social & business).

Increasing women employment can help economy

Improvements have been made in gov. policy for private sector

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