17 Dec

Awareness workshops on the management of small and medium enterprises

The program aims at raising awareness of successful management methodology and successful dealing with banks, providing knowledge and skill of applying it rationally in the face of the various situations faced by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the market, how to address them to achieve continuity and success, and develop institutional capacities and enable them to compete. Events:
• First meeting: regulatory, legislative and financing basics for small and medium enterprises in Egypt.
• The second meeting: dealing with marketing and sales problems.
• The third meeting: reading the budget and the statement of income and cash flows (bank view).
• Fourth meeting: preparation of a plan of action (establishment / development of a special project).

Followed by a review

Standard definition of small and medium enterprises in the Egyptian banking system
Investment map and investment opportunities available in the governorates of Egypt
The most important features of the new investment law and its executive regulations
The most important features of the law to facilitate the licensing procedures for industrial enterprises, whether new or existing
How to benefit from the initiatives of the Central Bank of Egypt to finance small projects
Identify sources of funding appropriate to the type of investment required
How to avoid errors that may negatively affect the credit rating?




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