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BWE21 is a self-financed, nonprofit and independent NGO with members from a wide range of business backgrounds

We seek to achieve positive change for businesswomen and hence the Egyptian economy through our business development services, networking and international partnerships we offer to our members.

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Board Members

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Eman El Garhi
Board Member - Vice Chairman
Yomna El Sheridy
Omaima Idris
Board Member - Secretary General
Azza Abdel Wahab
Board Member – Treasurer
Hanan Gewefel
Board Member
Samaa Sabry
Board Member
Manal Amin
Board Member


Erini Michel

Since joining the Businesswomen of Egypt 21 in 2017, and attending the association’s exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, this participation has had a significant impact on the development of my business, giving me a good opportunity to build relationships and share knowledge and experiences.

Passant Saied

PAF dolls Co. is proud of being a member of Businesswomen of Egypt 21 -BWE 21 since 2017. They are our success partners.We attended many events with BWE21 and while networking with professionals in different sectors, we had a chance to work and partner with many entities within Egypt such as Marie Louis, the Fashion & Design Center -FDC, Rofayda Health Park, VDU and many more.Meanwhile, we gained a lot of knowledge in respect to the policies and regulations in the manufacturing industry, since Businesswomen of Egypt 21 -BWE 21 is fully aware of how much one piece of legislation can impact a profession, hence they keep their members aware by notifying them about how to prepare for any change.