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Tuesday to Saturday September 08 to September 12

Highlights of BWE21 8th Annual Conference
  1. International Trade and Globalization
  2. Advancing the Circular Economy
  3. Exporting Services through Cross-Borders
  4. Supply Chain Challenges
  5. New Financial Tools for International Trade
About us

BWE21 is a self-financed, nonprofit and independent NGO with members from a wide range of business backgrounds
We seek to achieve positive change for businesswomen and hence the Egyptian economy through our business development services, networking and international partnerships we offer to our members.

About BWE 21
Through our business development services and expertise, we seek to empower and positively affect women businesses by creating strong networks to exchange the best practices nationally & internationally.

BWE21 vision to empower women economically to contribute to the growth of the Egyptian Economy. We aim to unleash the potential of women to fulfill their ambitions by creating a stimulating and enabling business environment.

3. Our Goals
  • Establish an economic information bank to help develop women small and medium enterprises.
  • Raise awareness about the ecosystem that supports women in business at a national level.
Annual conferences
BWE 21
Omaima Idris
Board Member - Secretary General
Eman El Garhi
Board Member - Vice Chairman
Azza Abdel Wahab
Board Member - Treasurer
Hanan Gewefel
Board Member
Manal Amin
Board Member
Samaa Sabry
Board Member
Dina Youssef
Board Member
Erini Michel
3 Brothers for Engineering & Electrical Industries

Since joining the Businesswomen of Egypt 21 in 2017, and attending the association’s exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, this participation has had a significant impact on the development of my business, giving me a good opportunity to build relationships and share knowledge and experiences.




Ms. Nahla Soliman
Nahla Soliman Designs

Through many years of professionalism, I have never been in a community that adding to me rather than taking, a community that every member love to help others, a community that always active and doing the best for all members. Across only 4 years since I joined The Business women of Egypt Association BWE21, I had achieved many dreams not only business opportunities that I never could make them by myself.
At 2017 we participated at Intra Africa exhibition which was held in Egypt with more than 750 co. From all around Africa’s countries, and it was a very good opportunity to communicate with the African Companies and starting trading together.

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Marwa Ali
Dallah Misr

I have the pleasure to introduce our company Dallah Misr, it is an Egyptian SME working in manufacturing and trading vegetable oil products. I joined the Business Women of Egypt 21 Association (BWE 21) since 2015.
During all these years, we got continuous support from the association. Primarily, the association organizes education programs, workshops, coaching small and mid-size enterprise (SME) business owners on how to make their businesses grow and survive, as well as special audit programs to target high-risk areas and boost tax compliance. BWE21 helped its members to convey their viewpoints and concerns to the regulatory and respective government authorities.

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Ms. Enas Sayed
Clip Club Advertising

My professional journey started about 22 years ago, but I joined BWE21 Association about 6 years ago at 2016, actually it was a beginning of a big change in my professional and social life, I made new valuable friendships and I felt that I am not alone in the challenges I am facing on daily basis, I discovered that I have around me in the association many ideas and useful experiences ready to share them together, and the great thing also that the BWE21 does not stop informing about any opportunities, whether governmental or through private institutions In order to benefit from it, in addition to hosting many experts in all fields through many workshops.

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Dr. Georgette Fraser-Moore

Over the last week I had the honor and privilege to lead seven business women from the United States to Egypt for what was for most of them, their first international business trip. Upon arrival, Delegates were met outside the plane when they landed with a private car on the tarmac that drove them from the gate to the terminal.
They had a private escort through customs and entry then guided out to meet their driver who took them directly to their hotel, where their rooms were waiting for them.

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Kalthum Zainal

It was really great being with you all thank you Dr. Yomna for your greate effort and thanks to your lovely team and thanks of course to all the participants. I had greate time hope to see you next year again.
Love you all

Fatou Niang Ndiaye

Thanks a lot team BWE21 for this great conference. I met wonderful women linked together to make better the world. I enjoyed a lot visiting Luxor and Cairo! I had a very special feeling when i saw by my eyes this incredible civilization. It was my first trip in Egypt but in Sha Allah i wish to come back again with my family.
Special thanks to Dr. Yomna for the perfect organization! She treated each of us like a Queen! Special thanks also to Women in Business for giving to WIC this opportunity. I feel really lucky to be member of this network.
See you soon

Lucie Strechova

Dear Ladies. I would also like to thank all of u for an incredible experience. As I said I have worked and experienced Egypt in different occasions in the past and it was always complicated. I was really impressed and I am so much looking forward to stay in touch and see us again very soon.
I am very grateful for all the people I have met.

Passant Saied
PAF dolls Co

PAF dolls Co. is proud of being a member of Businesswomen of Egypt 21 -BWE 21 since 2017. They are our success partners.
We attended many events with BWE21 and while networking with professionals in different sectors, we had a chance to work and partner with many entities within Egypt such as Marie Louis, the Fashion & Design Center -FDC, Rofayda Health Park, VDU and many more.
Meanwhile, we gained a lot of knowledge in respect to the policies and regulations in the manufacturing industry, since Businesswomen of Egypt 21 -BWE 21 is fully aware of how much one piece of legislation can impact a profession, hence they keep their members aware by notifying them about how to prepare for any change.



Events & Conferences

We seek to create a stimulating Ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to help start and grow their business.

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