About BWE21

BWE21 is a self-financed, nonprofit and independent NGO. Members come from a wide range of business backgrounds.

We seek to positively impact businesswomen and the Egyptian economy through our business development services, networking and international partnerships.


  • Establish an economic information bank to help develop small and medium enterprises for women.
  • Raise awareness about the eco-system that supports women in the field of business at a national level.
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with the government as well as national businesswomen in order to provide national pilot programs. Such programs aim at educating women on entrepreneurship, project management, vocational training, life skills as well as career counseling programs.
  • Develop and manage international partnerships to support businesswomen.


Through our business development services and expertise, we seek to empower and positively affect women businesses by creating strong networks and encourage international partnerships.


BWE21 has a pioneering vision for the economic empowerment of women. We hope to achieve this vision by directing our success potential and by exerting strenuous efforts towards unleashing women talents in the field of business, support their business and economic development.

Our Strategy

BWE21 recognizes the economic challenges that face working women of today, and emphasizes its role in addressing these challenges. We help women by developing their skills and strengthening their economic power for the sake of their career growth. Our goal is to build a national platform to provide solutions and direct initiatives relevant to the growth of women’s SMEs in Egypt. We base our work on a strategic and methodical long-term framework. Our work includes strategic directions, action taking and developing the discipline of prioritizing. The work strategy translates the operational plans and puts them into effect, with the main aim of achieving the vision of BWE21 in empowering women.

BWE21 is a national platform for economic development, attracting partners and donors to design and implement national and international business initiatives to serve the growth of Egyptian businesswomen.

– Establish an economic information bank to help develop small and medium enterprises for women.
– Raise awareness about the Eco-system that supports businesswomen on a national level.
– Build, support and manage strategic partnerships with governmental and national businesses in order to provide pilot programs in the fields of project management, entrepreneurship education, vocational training, and career counselling as well as life skills programs.
– Develop and manage international business partnerships to support businesswomen as well as the Egyptian economy.

BWE21 aims at creating a stimulating business environment that allows SMEs to grow
especially in areas of entrepreneurship and empowering businesswomen.

– Develop the role of businesswomen leaders and women in senior management positions in decision-making and shaping the future as well as trends of economic development in Egypt.

– Contribute to advocacy, law reform and policy setting that support women’s
work environment.

– Direct the social responsibility efforts of partners and private sector as well as
initiating multiple networks that aim at supporting the implementation BWE21’s strategy.

– Design and implement awareness campaigns as well as organize annual conferences and specialized workshops that contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the association.

Enhance the development of BWE21 as a national platform for economic development, attracting partners and donors to design and implement national and international initiatives as well as practices that serve the business growth of Egyptian businesswomen

A Word from the President

Dear BWE21 partners and members

Once again, as we seek to renew our commitment to our valued Members, to the community of Businesswomen entrepreneurs and to our role to empower women leading to prosperity.
We are proud of our network, which has continued to expand and now includes companies of all sizes representing the spectrum of industries. At the heart of all our activities is BWE21 mission of advancing women economic role. Through advocating for a business friendly environment. Alongside this mission, we strive to help our Members achieve success by offering a variety of benefits.
We had successful Missions to :
Kenya – Korea – Germany – Tunisia – Algeria – Mauritius – Spain – Italy – India – Morocco
Coordinated jointly with counter Businesswomen delegations as well as other visits and business missions serve to advance dialogue and maintain open channels of communication with government officials and business leaders in both countries. This ensures that all stakeholders are well informed about Egypt’s reforms, pro-business measures, and existing opportunities.
Networking: In our annual surveys, Members list networking as the number-one reason for joining BWE21. Each year, We host more than 20 events, conferences and committee that reflect the needs of our members and help them expand.
WOB This year we are proud to launch our First Women Business Network WOB in cooperation with GPP and EBRD to offer an online platform to help women in the region access new markets ,find good references and suppliers.
Modern Fashion School Como/Egypt in cooperation with our Italian partners we are pleased to launch a modern school to explore potential of this major industry and develop talents with different diplomas.
The annual Membership Directory features detailed listings of all Member companies in addition to key contact information for our members and WFS delegates.
BWE21 network extends across the region and encompasses members of the MENA Regional Businesswomen Networks. In addition to several local and International organizations that support our members in different fields.