established in 2015. It is an initiative from BWE21 to contribute to our regional development, WFS is an annual conference to bring together leaders & businesswomen from all over the world with the aim of creating a dynamic platform in Egypt for networking, capacity building and international trade. Also in this conference, we attract more investment and tourism to Egypt.

• Global Partnership for Women SMEs - 2015
• Women Leaders for Economic Prosperity - 2016
• WOMEN FOR SUCCESS–Leveraging Women Network to Excel – 2017
• Women SME’s – – World of Possibilities – 2018
• Globalization of SME’s - She Made IT” – 2019
• Digitization of Eco System - 2020

Since the beginning of 2018, BWE21 has taken the initiative to increase the participation of women in the board of directors and leadership positions in ministries, government and non-governmental Entities, where women in general and members of the association, in particular, constitute a bunch of enormous competencies that are not exploited yet. Therefor we called for strengthening policies supporting the necessity of the presence of women in the board of directors. Businesswomen of Egypt 21 created an information bank for women who have sufficient experience to participate in the boards of directors and this bank was shared with the Ministry of Public Business, NCW, AUC & Central Bank of Egypt. Recently three of BWE21 members has been selected to join the boards of directors of three holding companies, 6 of our members has been certified as Corporate Directors from Egyptian Institute of Directors EIOD. A success story that will continue until every woman takes the place she deserves and is able to participate effectively in the economy.
We maintain communication with various entities to support our members' access new markets through networking events, trade missions, exhibitions, awareness sessions, and workshops
“She made it” is an initiative to encourage female STEM education and empower STEM-graduated women to establish their own businesses, through a series of events and workshops.
- 1st SHE Made it, Mentoring / Inspiring workshop at Nileprenur.
- 2nd SHE Made it, Mentoring / Inspiring workshop at The Library of Alexandria
The fashion business is even more challenging because this is a hyperactive competitive business industry. Establishing a Fashion School business industry is the perfect way to create job opportunities for young women entrepreneurs, rich with sufficient knowledge of the apparel and textile industry that allow them to start their own business as well as helping in the Egyptian economy growth with their new Egyptian brands. As people are becoming more fashion and Apparel consumers, companies are hiring designers with attractive fashion portfolios therefore the demand for good fashion design schools should be increased.
As advocates for the integration of women-owned businesses into new market opportunities, creating equal opportunities for women entrepreneurs, "Business Women of Egypt 21" start an initiative to nominate its members to be listed in the supply chain of our strategic partners. is the latest e-commerce a website dedicated to the products and services of Businesswomen of Egypt 21 association members. merchants come from a wide range of business backgrounds Opening up a world of possibility by collaborating with E-commerce platforms to encourage women-owned businesses to list their products and services for an online business is one-off BWE21 main objective. As most of the existed platforms, give priority to international brands and mega-companies, we felt that it is our responsibility to establish an E-commerce platform supporting SMEs. SMEs are facing many challenges; E-commerce is an ideal way to take them from traditional business to innovative well-known brands. As the e-commerce website is one of the best marketing tools our marketing plan strategy for including many services for our members, products professional photos, services photo designing, offline and online marketing camping, listing and follow up for the requests and it fully supports services from BWE21 for the 1st year.
* Banks : Banque Misr ,CIB, EBE, NBE and AIB
* International Donors : SEEDs, IFC, GIZ and ILO
* Government Entities & Educational Institutions : ECS, EDA and IMC - American University in Cairo (AUC) - Pharos University in Alexandria - Her Honor Setting initiative - Egyptian Center for Women's Rights - The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES) - Alexandria Business women Association (ABWA).
* Government Ministries : Prime Minister - Ministry of Planning & Economic Development - Ministry of Trade & Industry - Ministry of Social Solidarity - Ministry of International Cooperation - The National Council for Women - Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities - Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
* International Organizations : Global Project partners (GPP) - United Success Organization - Vital Voices - The Boardroom Africa – ExxonMobil - WEConnect International Organization - Association of Moroccan women Entrepreneurs (AFEM) – EBRD - FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) - EBSOMED- CAWTAR - Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Lahore Division) – WCCI - Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) - Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization – Siemens - The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Brazil - Federation of Mediterranean Businesswomen Organizations – afaemme. - Global Businesswomen's Alliance. South Korea.