The XII Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum – Afaemme

On November 20th, was held the XII Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum from Casa Llotja de Mar Organized by Afaemme, Ascame, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Iemed, Union for the Mediterranean, and Consorci from Barcelona. This edition was through a Virtual Meeting cause of the pandemic, Covid-19, and the impossibility of travel from our speakers. The most representative businesswomen and women entrepreneurs coming from more than thirty Mediterranean countries participated in the Event. Interesting conclusions about the role of women in the Mediterranean Area and new measures to promote their integration into the labor market were projected. New “Business models” emerged, remaining to research in women technology capabilities and functionalities that directly affect business objectives. Common solutions from expert speakers were: looking for essential financing aid, promote programs and policies to give visibility to women, more investment for digital infrastructure, as well as more capacity building in digital schemes, to better prepare businesses. The XII Meda Women Entrepreneurs Forum was focus on some of these social and technological changes to all companies and organizations led by women.

In this edition also, Women have been in the front line during COVID-19 in different positions, affected and greatly burdened by the lack of decision-making structures. Inclusion should take the form of meaningful participation and leadership by women in all decision-making processes to address the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as in planning actions to be taken in the short term. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, we must continue supporting the meaningful work of women, as agents of change at the local level is key. Community networks established during consolidation efforts can be powerful in shaping the design and implementation of community engagement around COVID-19.