Women on Board – Success Stories

A success story that will continue until every woman takes the place she deserves and is able to participate effectively in the economy.

Since the beginning of 2018, The Association of Women Businesswomen of Egypt 21 has taken the initiative to increase the participation of women in the boards of directors and leadership centers in ministries and government and non-governmental companies, where women in general and members of the association, in particular, constitute a bunch of enormous competencies that are not exploited by companies enough so we called for strengthening policies supporting the necessity of the presence of women in the board of directors.

This coincided with the nomination of a number of members of the association to attend rehabilitation programs inside and outside Egypt and to be able to learn from Germany and Finland.

The association established an information bank for women who have sufficient experience to participate in the boards of directors and this bank was involved with the Ministry of Business as well as the Central Bank of Egypt and as a result, has already been selected three women members of the association to join the boards of directors of three holding companies.

-Ms. Amani El Torgoman “CEO and Managing Director of Egypt Tourism Company”.

-Ms. Eman El Garhi “Member of the Board of Directors of a modern fashion company”.

-Ms. Dina Youssef “Member of the Board of Directors of Sednawi Company and the sale of manufactures”.