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Brief With 30 years experience in the field of plastic manufacturing and the latest plastic
production technologies we have delivered over 54 million product to more than 6000
SPC products have prominent presence in more than 4 countries.
SPC provides its customers with customized plastic products of all needed sizes and with a
unique style.
SPC serves Enterprises of all sizes, whether small, medium, large enterprises or huge
SPC's team is capable of using latest technologies to be able to choose most suitable
technology tailored for customer requirements and environment
SPC follows strict Total Quality Management standards and methodologies in which every
product passes through different strenuous tests to ensure the quality goals and the
fulfillment of the customer requirements, in addition to anticipated product reactions during
customer's production cycle conditions.
We are reinventing the way plastic products are made and fundamentally change the
relationship people have with these products.
Customers can entirely rely on SPC and consider it as a key partner in their work.
We take serious consideration and study for the new products in different systems needed by
our customers in order to be implemented in the near future.

Founder: Fatma Salah
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Member Name: Fatma Salah
Title: Sales Manager & Partner
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Fax: 42202522