Fatma Salah

Fatma Salah

I have been working since a very young age (I landed my first job at the age of seven, at our family business factory, and I earned the equivalent of 30 cents a day then).

A decade later I started studying business, and four years passed fast; I was blessed with my bachelor’s degree.

Today I remain attached to my family business; my quest to prove my own merit drove me to solicit a diversity of freelance part-time jobs that allows me a great exposure across a diversity of sectors, defying a sexist and patriarchal society.

I take freelance projects in outsourced business development matchmaking. Craving more success, I am currently in the process of establishing my own firm that will serve internal trading and export. I have a vision make my company a healthy and welcoming environment for ambitious multi-tasking women to perform, achieve and succeed.

My vision will consequently help my close environment, my community and my country.

E-mail: Fatmamohamedsalah91@gmail.com