How to select your Labor Force, Motivate Them & Increase Their Productivity in Times of Covid- 19


Workshop Speakers

  • Joseph Ghanem Chef of party.
  • Walid Qorish Team Leader (speaker) project briefing.
  • Menna Amr 3R program , 3R (HR intervention wth private sector).
  • Reham Moawad 3R expert 3R study cases.
  • Dina Aly program manager Ebdaa Rehletak (training for employment program).
  • Ehab Haggag program manager, productivity improvement program.

Number of participants

  • 27 from BWE21 Members

Workshop Date

  • 17/1/2021

Workshop outcome

The workshop was discussed the following topics:

  • Improving technical secondary education and labor skills to meet the needs of the market through improving curricula, training teachers, and linking with the private sector;
  • Promoting innovation and quality assurance at technical schools;
  • Establishing partnerships between businesses and technical schools in order to understand skills needed for employment, create a pool of qualified candidates, and link students with jobs through career centers and employment fairs;
  • Improving the performance of the private sector though enhanced labor productivity gained via in-house training and improved human resource strategies that reduce turnover; and
  • Building the capacity of business associations to advocate for policy and regulatory reforms related to workforce development and labor market efficiency.