An introductory workshop for the services provided by the state to increase the volume of Egyptian product exports


Within the framework of the Egyptian state’s interest in developing and establishing small and medium enterprises to support the Egyptian national economy, the “Egyptian Businesswomen 21 Association” held an introductory seminar to clarify ways to enhance Egyptian exports, believing in the importance of developing the local product and important services for exports, through coordination and cooperation with the Industry Modernization Center.

Dr. Yumna Al-Shraidi, President of the Egyptian Businesswomen 21 Association, Mr. Ahmed Farag, Director of the Export Development Program and the Industrial Modernization Center, and Eng. Irene Michel, Sector Head and Member of the Board of Directors of the Three Brothers Company for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Systems, participated in the seminar, in addition to a large group of Members of the Egyptian Business Women Association 21.

In this context, Dr. Yumna Al-Shuraidi said:

“Through the launch of a series of seminars, we seek to assist the members of the association in increasing the volume of their exports, developing the Egyptian local product and promoting Egyptian products and services to contribute to the development of the national economy, stressing the importance of concluding agreements and protocols of cooperation with all bodies. Governmental and non-governmental organizations and constant communication in order to reach the best means of cooperation and benefit from all services provided to small and medium enterprises.


Al-Shuraidi praised the services provided by the Industry Modernization Center of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, explaining that the center plays a fundamental role in developing the work of many factories and companies, as it bears a large part of the costs of services provided to business development by the center, and among the most important of these services is the center’s cost.

International exhibitions, quality certificates, in addition to contributing to the entry of Egyptian products into global foreign markets.

For his part, Ahmed Farag commented:

“I feel very happy and proud to collaborate with an entity like the Egyptian Businesswomen 21 Association that has an influential and effective role on the economy and society, and accordingly, the Industry Modernization Center will contribute and bear 90% of the costs of services provided to subscribers to develop their business and work to reach the best solutions.


Smart to face all the crises of companies and factories, as well as to help establish the Export Department, which is considered one of the most important departments working to develop business volume and increase exports to improve the income of companies and factories.

Farag added that one of the most important conditions that must be met to obtain the center’s services is that the individual or entity owns a factory or a company, with the exception of those who are affiliated with a service association such as the Egyptian Business Women Association 21.

In a related context, the engineer, Ernie Michele, said: “Since I joined the Egyptian Businesswomen 21 Association in 2017, and I became a participant in the exhibitions, conferences and workshops launched by the association, and this participation had a great impact on the development of my business, it has provided me with a good opportunity.

To build relationships and share knowledge and experiences.

“Egyptian women can always create a balance between professional and social life, and I have already managed that,”


she said, noting that exporting products abroad is not an easy matter, but rather requires a lot of money and a study of the external market before starting the export process, and building and consolidating relations with The target country for export, pointing out that foreign markets are full of products, which are strong competitors to the Egyptian product, such as the “Turkish” product, which makes it imperative for us all to work on developing and promoting the Egyptian product well in the global markets. It is worth noting that the Egyptian Businesswomen 21 Association is always keen to launch and organize a group of events, conferences and workshops that achieve the greatest possible benefit for all attendees and participants.