BWE21 International Women’s Day Celebration


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Businesswomen of Egypt21 (BWE21), chaired by Dr. Yomna El Sheridy, honored a group of prominent successful and influential women models in various fields, amid the presence and participation of a group of government leaders, international organizations, economic institutions, and the media.

The list of successful women’s models honored included women who were qualified, employed, interested and entrepreneurs in industrial and professional projects, textile industry, food industry, and media, where

Samar Raouf was honored as an entrepreneur and founder of Cairo Business Radio, the first radio channel specializing in business and

Marianne Gamal, founder of Gala For frozen food, Ola Lotfi, founder of Real Food Pet Food Company and

Samar El Sanan, founder of The Beautiful Plastic Factory,

Sarah Diab, the first mechanic of girl cars in Daqahliya governorate, and

Manal Sorour, a community leader with efforts in the employment of young people,

Zainab Radwan, Head of Central Care Nursing for Cardiothoracic Surgery for Children at Abu Al-Rish Hospital,

Saida Mahmoud, a rural leader, and owner of the cloth residue recycling project,

Randa Al-Bastawisi, a community leader and founder of a community association to support and develop the important and special needs.