11 Jul

Meeting With Mr. Monty Palmer & Ms. Jody Schubret From AECOM (SEEDS)


_There Are Two Main Points We Discussed :-

First Project : Economic Governs Develop Project ( Will Be Going For 5 Years)

Second Project : Women’s Empowerment

 _  And Other Topics That We Also  Discussed Was :-

  • To What Extent Does The Government Support Women In Business?
  • How Women Can Transform Their Vision Into Action, Leadership, Decision-Making And Economic Awareness.
  • Participation In The Labor Market (What Laws Exist That Hinder Women).

 Speakers Were: –

  • Mr. Monte Palmer

Vice President Of AECOM , International Development, Economic Growth, Governance And Agriculture

  • Ms. Judy Schubert

Senior Advisors

  • Ms. Azza Abdel Wahab

Member Of The Board Of Directors Of The Association Of Egyptian Business Women 21 – Treasurer

  • Dr..Hanan Gewefel

        Member Of The Board Of The Egyptian Business Women Association 21

  • Ms. Wafaa Mamdouh

 Administrative And Financial Manager Of The Egyptian Businessmen Association 21

  • Ms. Inge Baker

 Coordinator Of The Egyptian Business Women Association 21





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