Global Women Leaders Forum in Busan 2020

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“Strategize your future and Bounce back from the COVID 19”.

Being a woman business owner is both difficult and challenging in today’s world. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has added a new and unexpected dimension to being a woman business owner or employee. The restrictions placed on countries and their communities to curtail the spread of the epidemic challenge the very fabric of business and related trade.

Many women entrepreneurs are SMEs or are likely to be self-employed as solo entrepreneurs. These women must also deal with keeping their business afloat and face the daunting task of managing the challenges their families face, such as reduced income, lack of childcare, children who have to be homeschooled, and family members who become sick from Chovid-19.

Many of these women are burning out from the stress of managing their businesses and home lives in these uncertain times. As entrepreneurs and employees, women have made a lot of progress in Women Empowerment over the last decade; however, Covid -19 threatens to roll back the progress that has painstakingly been made.

All women in business, whether or not; they are from an advanced or developing county, are in the same boat and facing similar challenges.

The 7th Global Women Leadership Forum in Busan, Korea, has gathered an esteemed group of women business leaders from across the world who will share their leadership, know-how, and experiences on this platform. This will help them Strategize their Future Bounce Back from the Coronavirus crises.

The dialogue was a good occasion for us to learn and inspire each other to move forward for a better future in 2021.

Opening Remark :

Ms. Christie Bongsoon Lee “Chairperson of Executive committee of Global Women Leaders Forum & CEO of Convention Co. Ltd.

Welcoming Remark:

Ms. Chan-Yong Ro “Chairperson of Y’sU Youngson University”.


Dr. Sophie H. Kang “President, Global Businesswomen’s Alliance. South Korea”.

The Speakers are :

1-Dr. Yomna El Sheridy “President of Businesswomen of Egypt 21”.

2-Ms. Marie-Christine Oghly “Presidente Femmes Chefs& Enterprise” France.

3-Dr. Daphne Pillai “Chairperson, Management Board, Mahrama Education Society” India.

4-Ms. Gulnora Makhmudova “Chairperson of Business Women’s Association of Uzbekistan”.

5-Ms. Bun HI Kim “President of Korea Venture Business Women’s Association & CEO of MECI International”.