Women In Business Kenya Trade Mission

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The importance of women’s entrepreneurship for economic growth is  increasingly being recognized in the Middle East and North Africa.  with women owned business being recognized for contributing to economic growth, wealth creation and creating employment opportunities for other women.

This forum therefore seeks to bring together leading business women from the North and East of Africa to network, share experiences and best practices, build new partnerships and collaborations, explore opportunities and motivate and inspire one another.

Expected Outcome of the Forum:

  1. Improved Trade Relations between Business women from North and East Africa.
  2. North–East collaboration geared towards supporting development of local manufacturing industry for mutual benefit of both regions
  3. Establishment of the North- East Sister to sister business programme.
  4. Business expo for the two African regions established and a launch date agreed
  5. Gender sensitive North and East Africa Trade Agreements developed
  6. New market opportunities and business linkages established
  7. Facilitate collaborative learning programme for sharing of best practices and mentorship connections to increase success rates for women in business
  8. Created opportunity to improve and strengthen sector based women Associations

Target Sectors:

 Banking & Financial Services

 Engineering/Petroleum/Construction & Real Estate

 Extractive Industries and Gemstones Mining

 Fashion & Handicrafts (Textiles & Apparels)

 Food, Beverages & Agribusiness

 Medical & Pharmaceutical

 Tourism, Hospitality & Service Industries

 Trading & Export

 Manufacturing

 Tourism

 Beauty industry


5th of September Arrival and check in

Late afternoon


National Park safari




Welcome cocktail at The Tribe Hotel

Thursday 6th September Morning Registration Opening session

H.E Mrs Margaret Kenyatta Respective Ambassadors ADBF BANK



Mid-Morning Panel Discussion Interrogating trade agreements/policies (wearing a gender lense)


Afternoon My Journey – Motivational speakers
Evening Dinner in the Bush – Winsdor Hotel
Friday 7th September Morning Registration

1. Business opportunities between north and East Africa.

2.   Market Access and MARKETS information

Mid- Morning Sister to sister match making session
Early Afternoon Company Visit
Evening Dinner at the Carnivore restaurant
8th September Check out