16 Oct

The project of signing a protocol of cooperation between the Association and the Department of Productivity and Vocational Training

A meeting was held with Mr. Ahmed Al-Ghamazi, Head of the Department of Productivity and Vocational Training. He gave a brief description of the interest and its role in graduating 10,000 students each year to join the factories. The department contains 44 vocational centers at all governorates.
The results of the meeting :
1) A protocol will be signed with the Egyptian Businesswomen Association 21 to provide permanent employment to all companies and factories of businesswomen members of the Association.
2) Students of the third grade at the center of the grade are not distributed until after the requirements of the 6th of October factories.
3) Management of programs and specifications begins to prepare the introduction of the profession of food industries in the center of the grade and the tenth of Ramadan in the academic year 2018, provided that the system of training exchange without loading the state any additional costs.

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