The Newly Added Services to Develop the Egyptian Exports with “IMC – Industrial Modernization Center”


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BWE21 highlighted the importance of having continuous agreements and protocols of cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organizations and maintaining constant communication to reach the best means of cooperation and benefit from all services that can be given to Egyptian SMEs.

“BWE21 praises the services provided by the Industry Modernization Center of the Ministry of Trade and Industry as the center plays a fundamental role in developing the work of many businesses. It bears a large part of the costs of services provided to business development through the center including the costs for international exhibitions, quality certificates, in addition to contributing to penetrating the global foreign market with Egyptian products.”

The IMC contributes and bears 90% of the costs of services provided to factories and businesses that meet the conditions for developing their business.

The IMC assists factories and provides them with a range of services including:

  • packages of various programs for local and international marketing,
  • certificates of quality for products to penetrate international markets,
  • solutions to increase companies’ competitiveness,
  • increase productivity as well as supplying businesses with industrial solutions for automation,
  • technological applications and green economy.

Furthermore, the center assets in helping to establish an export department in companies which work to develop business volume and increase exports to improve the revenues of companies and factories enabling Egyptian products in international markets and sustaining its competitive edge.

In addition to one of the most important conditions that must be met in order to obtain the center’s services is that the individual or entity owns a factory that has an industrial and valid commercial register while NGOs and entrepreneurs’ initiatives or private initiatives with international development agencies are excluded from some conditions.