Managing Parter & Commercial Director

Segem Elevators

Sahar Jrab is a leading lady in many reputable companies throughout the country, but more importantly she embodies the story of a successful woman who experienced various fields, paving her way to success in whatever she
set her mind to. Sahar graduated in 1986 from the faculty of science, specializing in geology.
However, she developed a passion elsewhere, in the business sector. Although very shortly after graduating she was able to land herself a high ranking position in a global stock exchange company but the entrepreneur within her
would not settle. Only 3 years later she took the courageous decision to quit her job and create her own exclusive clothing factory, PART 1 Design, a name that would later radiate finesse throughout Cairo. The success of Part 1
Design brought along the birth of a new career in the uniform segment. Today she is not only pioneering in the clothing industry, but is also a managing partner in the elevator giant, Segem, and lead team member in True Harmony
Foundation for impeccable home and Jewellry designs.