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Dr. Sophie Kang is a renowned innovation expert. She has been training
and working for many establishments both in the public and private sectors. She
actively practices Value Innovation Strategy in the field of Electronics, Financial
and New materials industries.
Her expertise is well recognized in the public sector as well through brilliant
output of different projects. As a result, the Commissioner General of Korea’s
National Police has bestowed upon her an award for her contribution through
implementing Value Innovation Strategy to the development of the National
Police’s administration in 2008. She was also recognized in 2007 by the Republic
of Korea’s Ministry of Defense for her outstanding efforts in conducting Value
Innovation projects.
She also taught as an adjunct faculty member for Sookmyeong University and
National Police Academy of Korea as well. Before starting her own business in
2004, she worked as a business journalist, and was stationed in Paris, France as a
foreign correspondent for The Korea Economic Daily.
Sophie Kang delivers keynote speeches at many business forum and conference
in Asia. She also actively participates in business talk shows on radio and TV, and
writes business column for different business magazine and newspapers.
In addition, she established Global Business Women’s Alliance (GBWA) in 2016
to booster international networking for Business women.

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Member Name: Sophie H. Kang
Title: President
South Africa