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Facts and Stories GmbH

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Date of Establishment: 31/01/2017
About the company :

Being more than just an average marketing consultation agency, we provide recommendations that are based on facts and stories which help lead brands and companies to their success through innovative methods and solution-oriented market research.

We guide you through the entire innovation process and ensure that you don’t

take the wrong turn. We do not deliver isolated research findings, but feasible solutions for long term success. We find the story behind the data and help you to present it creatively and relevant to your target group. In addition, we help you to rethink and make your brand and your company fit for the future.

Target Markets: DACH; focus on FMCG
Founder: Karin Kiesl & Lisa Dust
Number of Employees: 8
Contact Details
Member Name: Karin Kiesl
Title: Founder& CEO
Planckstraße 13, 22765, Hamburg, Germany