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Businessita Women Empowerment

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Date of Establishment: 01/15/2018
About the company :

We provide 360 empowerment solutions for women in business (including skills and talents development, business consultations, and resources directory). Our business revolves around merging passion with hard work, guaranteeing financial sustainability and professional career development. We are dedicated to enhancing the "she-economy", educating, uniting, supporting and promoting women in business globally in addition to strengthening the global economic fabric.

We aim to reinforce She-economy for global prosperity and refining HER in business

Target Markets: Women of social class A,B and C (The Silent segment)
Founder: Soha El Baklawy
Number of Employees: 6
Contact Details
Member Name: Soha El Baklawy
Title: Founder & CEO
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Al Maqqar New Cairo, Platz complex- North 90 street, Cairo, Egypt