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BSB Intellectual Property Law

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Date of Establishment: 2005
About the company :

In 2005 I merged my previous Law Firm with a Patent Attorney Firm and founded BSB Intellectual Property Law with the aim to provide full-scale legal support for innovative companies to protect their inventions, products, services, brands, designs, and know-how worldwide. We are three founders all dedicated to a highly individual legal consultation of companies that are focused to grow in their markets.

I am convinced that specialized companies seek specialized and individualized legal assistance. As a founder, I understand the focus of entrepreneurs. Working with my worldwide net of associates I am able to protect and defend the Intellectual Property of my clients in every country in the world.

Target Markets: We offer legal support to all companies in any business/industry sector in connection with their Intellectual Property, i.e. inventions, trademarks, designs, know-how, licenses and related contracts.
Founder: Almut Bühling
Number of Employees: 5
Contact Details
Member Name: Almut Bühling
Title: Founder
Fax: ++49-89-3009706
Almut Bühling, BSB Rechtsanwälte, Schellingstr.42, 80799, München, Germany