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Date of Establishment: 2019
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It’s a Company for development & recruiting at the same time mother Company for Emerged from
ABEY, a company that fights for a job market that's free of age, gender, and age
discriminations, Hawa After 40 came to life as an enterprise that provides the mid
The 30s/40s+ women with fair chances for a better professional and personal life. For that
purpose, Hawa After 40 works on both sides.
We work with the ladies side on boosting their job skills through career training and
coaching sessions. We upgrade women’s knowledge with the latest updates in the job
market, provide match-making opportunities for full-time job seekers, and guide those
who look for opportunities to work from home. We also provide special training and
mentorship for women who plan to open their own startups.
On the other hand, we work intensively with corporates and business owners. We
endeavor to shed the light on the high qualifications the mid-30s/40+ women encompass,
proofing what they are capable of. We also promote part-time jobs as a win-win
scenario, for it to take a fair share in the hiring process. We bring up such integrated
awareness towards hiring this segment through events, direct proposals, job fairs, and
Aside from that, we help them in turning their personal lives around! We indulge women
in a supportive community that shares the same point of view, challenges, and life
stage. That's the role of our bundle of sessions that address the well-being of their mind,
body, and soul. Hawa After 40 is helping women to get back labor market as a freelance
on/offline. That is happening through training and dealing with companies to connect them with
candidates as part-time or consultants.

Target Markets: Females 40+
Founder: Abeer Daif
Number of Employees: 4
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Member Name: Abeer Daif
Title: CEO
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