Hosting Dr. Yomna El Sheridy At Today Program On DMC


The Following Is Discussed During The Program:

– Government plan to increase Egyptian exports to 55 billion pounds, which is:
1. Increase the number of companies manufactured and exported
2. Improving the trade balance and increasing industrial investments
3. Increase and diversify the imported markets for Egyptian products
4. Establishment of industrial projects in Upper Egypt and the border areas
5. Opening 60 new export markets
6. Expansion in the establishment of free zones
7. Assigning 45 commercial offices to perform promotional tasks
8. There were 35 exhibitions and 10 foreign trade missions

– The joint responsibility between the private sector and the councils representing the private sector and the government, such as providing data and assisting producers to direct crops and to know the data required to go to foreign markets or exhibitions.

– News of increased support for small and medium enterprises in large exhibitions

– The COMESA Convention is a gold mine, through which we can enter the African countries because each market has its own nature. Indeed, there is a great increase in the number of trade delegations to discover and meet the needs of African markets.


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