Alexbank and Sawiris Foundation Efforts into Empowering Egyptian Women


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The virtual panel discussion was held ‘Efforts of The Bank of Alexandria and Sawiris Foundation for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women’, to discuss the most important efforts to support and empower Egyptian women, especially in the current situation, and to announce a new partnership with Azza Fahmy Foundation to launch the initiative ‘Hali Aswan’ which aims to empower 180 young people and girls economically, by training them in the manufacture of ornaments, and supporting them in marketing and production processes.

The “Hali Aswan” initiative is very important, as it seeks to participate in the economy, provide an inspiring creative model for others, and economically empower handicrafts threatened with extinction.

Women’s empowerment is essentially empowering children and the entire family, with working women contributing 90% of their income to the family, compared to 40% on the part of men.