Women in Business Dinner “East Meets North”


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Emphasizing the role of women and their contribution to the economic growth in Egypt and Africa, Businesswomen of Egypt 21 Association (BWE21) headed by Dr. Yomna El Sheridy, met with a delegation of business leaders from the State of Kenya heading from the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry “KNCCI” headed by Hon. Amina Challa Abdi in a meeting under the title of “Empowering Women in Business Sectors in Egypt and Kenya”, the meeting took place in the automobile club with a mission to discuss various ways of cooperation and enhance investment opportunities between Egypt and Kenya by sharing experiences of Egyptian and Kenyan women entrepreneurs in all business sectors focusing on agricultural field.

The Kenyan delegation headed by Hon. Amina Challa Abdi complimented the tremendous development that Egypt is witnessing in the fields of construction, establishment and infrastructure design, which they wish to implement in Kenya through cooperation with the concerned Egyptian authorities.

The tourism sector was also addressed by the Kenyan delegation stressing on the importance of Egyptian tourists to visit Kenya and get to know the Kenyan culture, proposing for tourism companies to organize joint trips that offers visiting both countries in one travelling program.