The U.S. – Egypt Partnership and Outlook for 2021


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The United States has provided longstanding assistance to Egypt’s military, economy, and cultural institutions, helping make the country more resilient through our security partnership, educational and cultural exchanges, and development work.

The U.S. government provides robust support for Egypt, both bilaterally and through multilateral institutions, and has invested over $80 billion in Egypt over the last 43 years. Our programs have helped deliver clean water and electricity to millions of Egyptians, created jobs, conserved important archeological sites, and addressed many of Egypt’s most pressing public-health challenges, including during the COVID pandemic.

We have built more than 2,000 schools, trained over one hundred thousand teachers, and provided more than $350 million in higher education scholarships and academic exchange opportunities. And we have supported over 70,000 students at secondary and vocational schools so they can succeed in the labor force.

We will continue our efforts to create and expand business opportunities between the United States and Egypt, and our work with the Egyptian government to build an environment that attracts even more U.S. investment.