Dr. Yasmine Fahmy is the founder and the CEO of Green Herbal Company, who has an MBA and a PhD in Business Administration DBA. She is also interested in natural products for body and hair care, and this interest was reinforced by the study, as she obtained a diploma in cosmetic formulations from the American University for Open Education and currently she is studying for a master’s degree in the manufacture of natural cosmetic products from the University of Leeds

Dr. Yasmine found that cosmetics are full of harmful chemicals. She also tried more than one type of natural oil on the skin and hair for her, her family and friends, and the results were impressive, so she decided to preserve public health and the environment and follow the approach of the sustainable development goals.

Dr. Yasmine also found that due to the Corona virus crisis and the global trend of digital transformation, it is necessary to develop and transform the career path for many people, especially women, by providing practical courses from professional specialists that qualify trainees to work efficiently and professionally after the training course through GHC Academy

Thus, as female entrepreneurs, we have a role in developing society and helping others, especially the female component of society