Sara Amin

Sara Amin

Founder / Managing director



Sara graduated from the Art and Design Academy, majoring in advertising and graphic design. She worked in the Advertising field while studying at the Academy. She continued working for advertising agencies till 2011 when she established her own advertising Agency. She was 27 years old.

During the past years, she earned the trust of her local and international clients, through her commitment to apply the global standards of design to her work. She has developed many Egyptian brands to match the global market standards, for better investment opportunities.

Under the motto: Design to be global, she helped many Egyptian entrepreneurs and companies to create their own brands with the international look and feel, to take their first steps towards the international markets.

Sara has joined the Egyptian business women association [BWE21] in 2015, and represented the association in the Egyptian, Italian business women program in 2015 in Rome, Italy.