Sally Shaheen former role was Corporate Human Resources Director at Americana Group’s Center of Excellence with the responsibility for the talent acquisition systems and activities
that spans in 12 branches with a headcount of over 60,000 employees from 23 different nationalities. In addition to her vital role in Organization Development, HR Communication,
HR analytics, Talent Management and Training and development. She has decided to shift her career and to focus more on HR consultancy and Training and Development, and now
she’s the Managing Director & Co-Founder of Human Quality. Sally has 20 + years of experience in HR management and learning and development both academically and as a
seasoned practitioner.
• Certified over 200 Americana managers, enhancing the selection process within Americana to respond more efficiently to the company’s massive talent acquisition needs.
• Applied the DDI Selection System to be an integral part of the Selection process and the base for Staffing activities in the entire group.
• Delivered DDI programs to other organizations as a Master Trainer such as EK Holding, NatGas, Berlitz, FGF , Sprea Misr, Alfi Foundation etc…
• Worked directly with DDI with other clients delivering the Targeted Selection interviewer workshop such as Riyadh bank , Kone Qatar
• Overseeing the talent acquisition activities for Americana Group’s both divisions:
Restaurants and Fast Moving Consumer Goods; responding to the company’s massive talent acquisition needs that reaches thousands of open positions at any given time.
• Enhanced & updated HR Systems and training.
• Played a vital role during the restructuring process for Americana Group and was responsible for the communication role during the transformation phase in addition to her active participation and efforts in different committees, workshops and project teams.
• Received several awards from both Yum International and Americana Group such as Yum Human Capital Builder of the Year, Yum Supporter for Building Great
Restaurants to name a few.