Mariam Youssef

Mariam Youssef

Dream Catcher is Business Solutions and Events Management Company, based in Egypt. 

From inspirational ideas to stunning productions, strong themes, and creative plans, you can trust us at Dream Catcher to create memorable experiences that exceed your expectations.

Because we look at each request as a custom-made project irrespective of size or budget, we believe that you will let us exhibit our passion and dedication to stage your business with a guarantee to surpass your expectations!

True to the word, we love what we do. But at the end of the day, what’s most important is that ‘you love what we do for you. So, whether it’s just one-time consultation or you’d like us to take the whole hassle off your hands and plan it from the start, rest assured, we’ll put our years of experience to the task.

We are PMP Certificate holders; we guarantee that we can manage your Marketing plans or events effectively as a one-of-a-kind project.

As women; we are stylish, detail-oriented, and highly efficient with well organizing and planning skills.

Hitting the Marketing and Events Management road was not far from our direction. As graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts; creativity and design are our passion, with 20+ yrs. With experience in Architecture, design, planning, and construction, we can build your dream with extreme attention to detail.