Laila Aboulenein

Laila Aboulenein

Training Company Foundation and Certified Trainer
Lila is a dynamic, forward-thinking, innovative coach who is brilliant in partnering with clients to reach their full potential by using various traditional and non-traditional tools.

Lila is a trainer with strong skills in time management and communication with keen attention to detail and commitment to achieving set goals.

Layla has more than 20 years in communications, from quality to project management to product development and recently to marketing, account management, management, and interaction with various local and international teams.

Layla now works in a small and medium-sized company in telecommunications in partnership with leading companies in Egypt, Asia, and Africa.

Layla has been in training for 7 years and has more than 700 hours of training. They worked with individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds – undergraduate students, athletes, corporate staff, management, and executives to meet their challenges and reach their full potential by using the different training techniques they adopt to meet clients’ needs and abilities. Lily is a foundation and vice president of a company specializing in training for companies and athletes.

Among the topics I have trained in are self-esteem, work challenges, professional challenges, emotional imbalances, rhetoric, relationships, anxiety and fear, firmness, sports, reducing beliefs, and dealing with failure and uncertainty.

Key strengths are the alignment of goals, achievement, empathy, listening skills, resilience, and challenges

and the ability to solve problems and empower.

International Federation of Trainers, United States of America

Health Training Certificate

Life Coach Certificate

Master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing Management

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, American University of Cairo