Eman Abdul Latif Yahia

Eman Abdul Latif Yahia


Modern Co. For Engineering & Agencies

Engineering &Construction

MEACO is one of Egypt’s leading suppliers of pharmaceutical
machinery & Project management. Modern engineering & agencies Co is into
supplying pharmaceutical machinery and components as well as packaging
machinery, such as Tablet press machines & Capsule filling machines, Liquid
filling, Pre-filled Syringes and many others, Their brand names include ,Se
Jong Pharmatech, Hoong-A, Brevetti Angela, Helvoet Pharma and Countec.
Our speedy and well trained after sales engineers and technicians Distinguish
MEACO as a Perfect Agent in pharmaceutical packaging industries.


Add: Family Land – 6 October

E-mail: eman.latif@malatif.com

Website: WWW.meaco.com.eg