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Women and Fetal Imaging

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Date of Establishment: December 2006
About the company :

The Women’s Imaging Center at WAFI opened as a place to focus on women’s health, with radiology services, education, and support. Expert diagnostic services for breast health, other health issues are the essential functions, but the actual mission is far more comprehensive.
In a warm and peaceful setting carved out in a building by the Nile River with a wonderful landscape, the center has emerged as the region’s premier radiology facility designed by and for women to advance their health.
WAFI Center provides a new vision for women’s healthcare.
WAFI supports and leads community initiatives to spread breast cancer awareness among Egyptian women and promote early detection methodologies. and provides free mammograms for women in need.

Target Markets: Women between age 30 to 80 years
Founder: Hanan Gewefel
Number of Employees: 15
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Member Name: Hanan Gewefel
Title: Chairman & CEO
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Fax: +223610670
16 Nile st., Giza, Egypt