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Soha Abou Hussein

About Company
Date of Establishment: 1998
About the company :

Soha is a painter with a dream to paint 1000 painting and to change the culture
She painted in lots of exhibitions like:

  • Vienna, Austria, blues exhibition. October 2018
  • Biennale Austria, Spring pop-up Art. February 2017
  • Patras art Fair -2014
  • Art palace -Suez Canal - 2015
  • Cairo Faces of Fayoum – 2011
  • Sharm el sheik International forum for plastic arts. February 2010.
  • 1999 – 2002 Royal Dream Cairo, Egypt
Target Markets: Art lover
Founder: Soha Abou Hussein
Number of Employees: 1
Contact Details
Member Name: Soha Abou Hussein
Title: Painter
Member profile:
49 Amman street, Cairo, Egypt