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Date of Establishment: 09 / 16 / 2016
About the company :

Our company is distinguished with unique statement creations that reflect an exceptional emotional story for every special occasion (including stage preparation, TV & film productions, galas & corporate celebrations). We provide a new luxury that is not only sustainable (vegan and eco-friendly) but also beautiful and definitely affordable. We believe that every human being is a unique piece of art. Every piece finds its owner by the serendipity principle. For us, wearable art is an instrument that reflects courage, self-expression and life celebration. Through fashion, many personal stories can be told and life gets more meaningful. Your beauty is timeless regardless of age, gender, height or trends.

Target Markets: Entrepreneurs, speaker, coaches, people on the stage, art & fashion collectors, artists, trendsetters, influencers
Founder: Paulina Tsvetanova
Number of Employees: 1
Contact Details
Title: Founder
Gormannstr. 25, 10119, Berlin, Germany