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PAF Dolls

About Company
Date of Establishment: 17/07/2017
About the company :

PAF dolls company has been established in 2017. Our dolls are designed by Passant and proficiently sewed in the highest quality, by top Egyptian handicrafts experts and artisans. They have heart-shaped lips that signify love in all its forms, emphasizing the message of: “Make your words blossom with love”. We provide handmade dolls that are included in fashion & accessories to inspire ladies “cherish their inner child”

PAF dolls company is an art icon that has invaded the fashion industry, representing art & elegance.

Target Markets: Egypt, Europe, UAE
Founder: Passant Saied
Number of Employees: 9
Contact Details
Member Name: Passant Saied
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Fax: N/A
25 NAguib Mahfouz St. Al Hay Al Motamayez, 6th October, Cairo, Egypt