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Date of Establishment: 2018
About the company :

The company started when Mahinour wanted to turn her passion for styling and fashion design into handmade products. Mahinour Designs focuses on products mainly used in the summer season like straw and summer bags, hats and cover-ups, all accessorized and styled up. Most of the products are produced by women who financially support their families and that was one of the objectives of this company; to help these women make some earnings that could maintain some of their life expenses. Mahinour Designs' company is aiming to go internationally to all the summer destinations and be one of the well known recognized brands.

Target Markets: Egypt and summer destination countries
Founder: Mahinour Gamal
Number of Employees: 5
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Member Name: Mahinour Gamal
Title: Owner / Designer
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Nasr city, Cairo, Egypt