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Real Food

The idea of feeding cooked wholesome meals to our pets is no longer « too good to be true »!At the root of Real Food’s story is an overwhelming passion for helping and rescuing stray animals from tough situations. Whenever a pet was in need of medical care or food, we would be there to provide support. We even adopted a dog ourselves that would have surely died if left alone on the street.

Our formula contains a wide selection of natural and premium quality ingredients such as broccoli, peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, beef, chicken, liver and fish.All nutritional values are carefully calculated to provide optimal nutrition, therefore ensuring a healthier digestion, stronger bones and a shinier coat.

There is an added bonus to buying Real Food for your pets. With each pack you buy, we donate a portion of our profits to feed and provide medical care for stray dogs and cats, as part of our continued support to pet clinics and pet rescue groups. So you get the best of both worlds… wholesome and nutritious food for your pets, and a participation in improving the life of all domestic animals in your community.


Founder: Ola Loutfi
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Member Name: Ola Loutfi
Title: Corporate and Gov. Affairs Director for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.
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Cairo, Egypt