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Kauls & Co. Global Trading and Engineering Company

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Date of Establishment: 2015
About the company :

Kauls & GmbH is a family business that provides engineering and consulting services to international industries. Having more than fifty-five years of Industry experience, the experts behind Kauls & Co. have unrivaled expertise, resources, contacts and long-established relationships at their disposal. Whether it’s a hard-to-find part, an obscure supplier or special freight service, we can meet your needs. We'll do the research, manage logistics and do the consulting with engineers and suppliers, or whatever you need us for.

Target Markets: Predominantly in the cement, steel, mining, general processing and manufacturing industries.
Founder: Frederik Kauls, Ruthhild Kauls
Number of Employees: 3
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Schellerdamm 22-24, 21079, Hamburg, Germany