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ES for food and drinks

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Date of Establishment: 2020
About the company :

The best coffee is more than a description of the coffee we make, it
is the requirement for coffee to hold the name Brew 7.
«Best» is a relative term,
Everyone has different priorities & values that we have
accounted for.
For those who value Quality above all else, our premium line
offers the best coffee in terms of quality, taste, & aroma.
Best could mean Balanced as well, for that we have our
Classic line, the Perfect Balance between quality & cost.
Even for price-sensitive purchase situations, Kol Yom Line
offers good coffee at the most affordable price ranges.

Target Markets: B to B / B to C
Founder: Ahlam Khawandanah
Number of Employees: 30
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Member Name: Ahlam Khawandanah
Title: Founder and CEO of ES for food and drinks
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