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Dufte Welt Quaritsch GmbH

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About the company :

When Sabine enters a room, you will smell her before you see her. Sabine works in the oil industry – essential oils that is. Rumor has it that that is what heaven must smell like.
After as successful career in marketing for various German companies, she founded her own business in April 2016, together with her husband. ‘Everyone told us we were crazy to leave our secure jobs in our mid 50s’, Sabine says, ‘but I wanted to feel like I am doing something meaningful with my life again. And that is exactly what I do now!’
Her success has proven her right: After three and a half years, an idea and a small venture has turned into a company with a seven-figure annual turnover.

Sabine is a true entrepreneur. Her greatest strength is her ability to inspire and motivate people. The Dufte Welt Quaritsch GmbH, together with its partners, distributes essential oils of the highest quality at national and international level.

Founder: Sabine Quaritsch
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Member Name: Sabine Quaritsch
Title: Founder, Owner And Executive Director