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Wellness Plus

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Date of Establishment: 2012
About the company :

Wellness Plus is the first platform in the Middle East providing different programs for all family members.

We have the aim to collaborate with all partners providing services and products to spread their word and give benefits to our community

Wellness Plus

Is a platform for many Health and Wellness providers and services

Chaperon preschools Created instructional materials and behavioral plan modifications for three special needs children, Formulated and carried out daily schedules that met the physical and emotional needs of the children, Productively created procedures to maintain the routines both in school and home, Maintained children’s attention during group time by presenting material in a fun and exciting way, Fostered effective,
ongoing communication with parents by providing verbal and written reports on children’s activities, Collaborated with parents, teachers, and other professionals to maintain continuity of care for children.

Target Markets: Families & Kids
Founder: Aisha Hassan
Number of Employees: 30
Contact Details
Member Name: Aisha Hassan
Title: Behavioural Consultant & Life Coach
Member profile:
14 Hussein Fahmy street from Hasnein Heikal Abass El Akkad, Cairo, Egypt