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The fast-growing economies of the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region offer a wealth of opportunity for existing companies
and new market entrants. In such a competitive market, companies are either looking for an effective way to identify and qualify new customers, partners and suppliers
to grow their business, or identify and assess market opportunities to support future business decisions. An Egyptian corporate lawyer and entrepreneur that has contributed to the success of several companies. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA)with a focus in international trading, being the founder and board members of several companies including; CANDOR and Integrated Development which area commercial franchising company that also specializes in mining and trading of precious metals in and for several African and MENA region countries and a real estate development, project and facility management company, respective
ly. As well as, Pevera Development, a marketing and general contractor company that works in both the local Egyptian and International market. Her skills and experience allow her to produce feasibility studies for countless startup companies and have a diverse portfolio of administrativeand financial studies for several investment projects. Her work in the legal field has led her to attain a doctorate to become an appeal and international arbitration lawyer and legal consultant, as well as an arbitration counselorin the International Legal Center for Arbitration and Mediation. She is also a member of Penlaw’s arbitration committee an international law firm in Paris, France. As an avid participant in the strive for equality,she has also become an accredited legal counselor to the Regional Council of Human Rights, an ambassador of the Civil Society for Peace and Good intentions Council and a member of the Committee of Civil Society Ambassadors for Peace in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Founder: Nahed Salah
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Member Name: Nahed Salah
Title: Founder and Board Member
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