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3 Brothers for Engineering and Electrical Industries

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Date of Establishment: 1990
About the company :

We are a manufacturing company specialized in producing lighting systems since 1990. We offer various lighting products for indoor, outdoor, street lighting & electric panels. 3 Brothers is a well-reputed company in the local markets with a good market share. We have massive experience in manufacturing and dyeing as we have our own team for R&D. We are constantly using new materials and technologies to fulfill the dreams of people who demand more from light systems through each new product and lighting solution we provide.

Target Markets: Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrin and Iraq
Founder: Eng. Micheal-Eng. Albert first generation / Eng. Erini Micheal - Eng. Odette Micheal- Eng. George Micheal Second generation
Number of Employees: 600
Company Catalog: Company-Catalogue-3.pdf
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Member Name: Erini Micheal
Title: Founder & manager
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Fax: 0554332171
3rd Industrial area, 10th of Ramadan, Egypt