Export Academy – Basics of Export Workshop

Export Academy – Basics of Export WorkShop

The  Businesswomen of Egypt 21 Association held the first seminar of a series on exporting alphabets, how to identify suitable markets and how to prepare your export product entitled “Export Academy – Basics of Export” on Monday 15 May 2017 at 5:00 pm at the German Chamber in Cairo.

The Speaker : Ms. Rania Habib – CEO GO GLOBAL

Outline as Follow:

1.      Why Do I want to export?

2.      Am I ready to export?

3.      How do I register myself as an exporter, and what are the related organizations in Egypt?

4.      Which product/products do I want to export? FOCUS!

5.      Export Marketing Planning

6.      Go find your buyers, HOW?

7.      Found your buyer? What’s next?

8.      Watch Out!!!!  Export Risks? Cultural Difference?

9.      Export Success Factors

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