The role of women entrepreneurs in achieving economic empowerment of women

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round tableThe role of women entrepreneurs in achieving economic empowerment of women

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From the keenness of the Arab Women Organization on closer cooperation with the various sectors of Arab societies, they are keen to extend the bonds of cooperation with businesswomen also seeks to shed light on the role with them in their communities discussed ways of strengthening the role

In light of the attention of the African Development women’s issues bank and we developed a strategy for the integration of the gender dimension, and in the light give this much attention to economic empowerment of women and facilitate their access to credit to enable them to establish a medium-enterprises or small, as well as carrying out the provision of financial and technical support for the implementation of development projects or special projects infrastructure.

As hurt investment potential of women’s economic development of society and the exploitation of all energies, being an individual product to society and to the exercise of its role effectively it to develop and improve its conditions, and therefore the development of women’s potential and the advancement of their situation, and activate their role as workers and businesswoman is a major focus of the axes of economic empowerment of women.

Arab Women’s Organization is cooperating with the African Development Bank

To organize a round table on the role of businesswomen in the Arab and African levels to support women’s economic empowerment.

The discussions aimed at achieving the following:

– Shed light on the experiences of successful businesswomen in the Arab and African context.

– How to meet the challenges that women face in participating in economic activities.

– Highlighting the role that can be played by businesswomen to include the gender dimension in social responsibility programs implemented by institutions and private sector companies.

Studies show

The majority of women prefer to trade credit for bank credit

Women owned 15% of small and medium-sized companies in the Middle East and North Africa region

Savings go up by 35% at strengthening property rights for women

Studies confirm that the institutions run by women that are more environmentally friendly

Run more women increases labor productivity by as much as 25% in some countries

The organization aims to reach to practical proposals that will strengthen the role of businesswomen associations in support of women’s economic empowerment, and strives to be the nucleus of the round table to provide a forum for Arab-African businesswomen is organized on an annual basis.

During the round-table presentation of a study prepared by the African Development Bank on women and small and medium enterprises in North Africa.