E-marketing Skills Using Online Social Media Platforms Training

This event has expired

Organized by Central Department Community Development ” Ministry of Communications and Information Technology”

Resume role model-tech training in digital marketing skills through online social media platforms

The “Kodwa-Tech” initiative to empower women under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology resumes its training program for a new group of women, meeting the needs of a different group of its target groups to build technical skills in the field of digital marketing, where the initiative has begun to be geared towards empowerment at the institutional level, especially institutions supporting women and enhancing their contribution to the Egyptian economy, as this group needs to develop their business by integrating contemporary technology tools into the marketing management of their businesses.

The initiative started with the start of a selection of businesswomen’s association and high heel entrepreneur to be trained through e-learning techniques on digital marketing skills using social media, where the current group is characterized by a number of women and women entrepreneurs in the field of service and craft projects.

During her speech to businesswomen and female craftswomen, Engineer Huda Dahrouj, Head of the Central Department of Community Development, extended her greetings to the participants in the training (Kabida-Tech), and Dr. Yamana Al-Sheridi, President of the Egyptian Businesswomen’s Association, noting that the presence of women service entrepreneurs integrates with their fellow women entrepreneurs and provides a greater opportunity to share experiences, ideas and knowledge sharing to maximize the benefit of the training program.

She also stressed the role of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in enabling Egyptian women to have its tools and applications, especially in the field of digital marketing because of its importance in keeping with current market variables, and the need to change the way of production, marketing, and creativity to produce more success stories and models among women.

During the induction session, there was an open discussion among women entrepreneurs about new digital marketing tools, technology applications and their importance in keeping with the requirements of local and foreign markets, and how to use the Internet to reach the potential and target customer, to achieve the highest level of product sales or promotion of services, and thus to achieve the highest level of product sales or promotion of services,  And then achieve the highest level of profits.