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Digital WiB Program


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Digital WiB is the first Digital Transformation Accelerator for Women led SMEs in the MENA Region.

The program is a personalized support program to enable Women led SMEs in the MENA region to accelerate their growth by leveraging digital transformation. This comprehensive and personalized 3-month support program is designed for NON-Techies to meet the needs of dynamic and ambitious SMEs on their journey towards growth and modernisation.
In particular, it will support beneficiaries to achieve these goals:

  • Understand and gain know how about the main pillars of digital transformation.
  • Implement a digital maturity assessment for your SME.
  • Build a roadmap of change considering the pillars of digital transformation.
  • Identify the priority areas of growth and quickly take advantage of the growth levers identified.
  • Receive guidance on how to implement the first steps to digitize the processes of your SME.