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8th Annual International Conference and Retreat "Diversifying Trade for Sustainability" Survey


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    El Gouna
    (Resort town on Egypt’s Red Sea, near Hurghada. It’s built along the shore and on small islands, and is known for its lagoons, coral reefs and sandy beaches. resorts, spas and an 18-hole golf course, El Gouna lets you unwind under the sun.)
    Marsa Alam
    (Peaceful Resort town on Egypt’s Red Sea, It’s renowned for its sandy beaches, coral reefs, sea turtles, dugongs, Kite-surf site & encompasses desert )
    Luxor & Aswan
    (the locations of nearly all of the remaining intact ancient Egyptian temples dating back around 4000 )
    Cairo & Fayoum
    (Fayoum Oasis is one of Egypt’s most biodiverse and scenic destinations)